FUN - Days 2 and 3

by - Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OOOPS...didn't get to post yesterday...someone (namely Sam) didn't want to be put down all day long!

BUT, I do have TWO fun things for today!

First...FLIP FLOPS! I have to tell you that Stacy Julian asked us to buy or create a fun and crazy pair of flip flops to wear while we were doing the online class. Well, I wear flip flops regularly around the house anyway! They are nothing special - mostly from Old Navy or Wal-Mart and cheap like borscht, but I love 'em! I seem to have one of every color, and during the summertime especially I love to wear the bright ones! I love to see that pop of bright color when I glance down at my feet, and all the better if I have bright toenail polish on as well! Here are a few that are in rotation right now:

And speaking of color, my second fun thing for today are these plastic plates, bowls and cutlery from IKEA:

Again, so cheap ( $1.99 for 6 plates or bowls or cutlery sets etc.), but so much FUN! I bought them for Grayson, but I pull them out to use for myself anytime I am having a little snack. I love the stauration of color, and the royal blue, turquoise and lime green are my favorites! (Hey that one of my favorite color combinatons as well!)

It's a grayish sort of day here, so I need an extra boost of color...lunch on a turquoise plate please and I think I'll wear my polka dot flip flops!

Happy Scrapping!


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  1. Hey Noreen,
    Love your pretty fun colored flip flops! I see you are having lots of FUN taking the class too. It's so great to learn new things and break out of way I used to scrap.
    Have fun and see you at BPS
    Sue (muirwoodsue)


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