10 Tips for Working with Stickers

by - Saturday, April 17, 2010

How many stickers do you have in your stash? My guess is THOUSANDS! We scrapbookers are lured by the pretty colors, cute images and all the possibilities we can think of for using them. But chances are your stickers have been stored away - forgotten and forlorn! Well it's time to rescue them - here's 10 great ideas for putting them to good use:

  1. Less is more! Use an odd number of stickers on a page - don't think you have to use the whole sheet/package on one layout. 
  2. Cluster them together for more impact. Don’t sprinkle them around your page randomly (known as the dreaded “sticker sneeze”)
  3. Frame a sticker by attaching it to a shape first – try punching or cutting a basic shape like a circle or square to use as the base.
  4. Add stickers to a strip of cardstock to create a page border.
  5. Use letter stickers to make a fast title.
  6. Mix colors, sizes and styles of letter stickers to create an interesting title.
  7. Balance a photo or block of patterned paper with one large sticker or several small stickers grouped together.
  8. Overlap and layer stickers for a unique look.
  9. Use chalks, inks or markers to change the colors of a sticker to better coordinate with your layout.
Can you think of a tenth? Add your tips in the comments below! Now, go dig out those stickers!

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