Whaaaat? More FREE Stuff for Hosts in March?

by - Tuesday, March 03, 2015

OK...I'm just ramping up for my first Thirty-One Party and Open House. I got my presentation sorted out and have my reasons for Hosting a Thirty-One Party all memorized and then they go and add this...

Well sheesh...now I have to memorize it again (wink wink!)

Seriously...Isn't that awesome? I thought the hostess rewards were amazing to begin with, but for March they are even sweeter! So check out this chart to see what you can earn when you host a Thirty-One Gifts party in March...

Your free items can be ANYTHING...even the most expensive items in the catalog! Like the Diamond District Purse at $178...in March that would be FREE! Or the Fashion Editor at $142...yes, in March that would also be free! Or what about the Retro Metro Weekender at $96? YES...FREEEEEE! Love it!

So make sure you contact me to book your March parties now...hey, there are only so many days in the month!


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